Product Care

How to maintain your products

Prevent dust build-up as you would for any fixtures, use mostly a damp cloth and occasionally you may use a mild detergent. Don’t let water pool at the bottom of soap dishes and basins.

Routine Maintenance

Any of our products that come into contact with water, soap or other household products and detergents may require additional routine maintenance.

You may use a scrubbing brush or fine steel wool to remove soap build up. You may also use steel wool with a strong detergent to remove stubborn stains. Stains can be white, black or grey but they seldom occur.

Certain types of water, hard or soft, can sometimes cause stains. When dealing with stubborn stains like this, it is sometimes best to use fine steel wool with a strong detergent to scrub the entire surface until the colour is a uniform, dull silver. Then use a supermarket metal polish, usually sold as a wipe-on, wipe-off paste, to restore the original lustre.

Use repeat applications until the desired sheen is achieved. This can take some doing but is usually only necessary in extreme corrosive environments or in a situation where there has been a problem with a dripping tap. This can leave marks in a basin. If you wish to take extra care in a corrosive environment where there is excessive humidity, use spray-on wax, silicone or lacquer to help prevent further maintenance.

To buff up the aluminium rods used for towel rails, use a very fine sand paper.